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  •  no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes.
 For my old days :)
  • no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes. For my old days :)



22 octobre 2012 1 22 /10 /octobre /2012 08:03

Good morgning world!


This is monday morning, the sun is not shining since it's still in bed, i have been up since 6 and at work since 7, and i've already done wonders here for the Swedish State. Somehow, i felt that i needed to look at my registration to this course for which i am forced to take a swedish and a english test, you know, what i was irritated for last week. And you know what? The drama goes on!! yes!!!


I got two messages:

the first one telling me that i'm "OBEHÖRIG" to follow the course, and you know why?? because i haven't shown that i have knowledges in english and swedish. Hey, i tell you, if i call them, someone will be deaf!


The second one is like that:

"Dokumentationen till din anmälan är inte komplett. För att vi ska kunna göra en korrekt bedömning av dina utländska universitetsmeriter måste du komplettera anmälan med vidimerade kopior av följande dokument:- transcript (betygsutdrag) på originalspråk från dina första två år Classes Préparatoires saknas. "

This means that they want to see my grades from the first two years after i took my baccalauréat and before i took my master degree. Also, I AM LITERALLY ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!

1) they have no idea about how the system is in France, i can get it, but if an official public french university thought sometimes i could get this master degree with mention "good" (which means a grade above 16 from 20 possible), then I GOT IT, RIGHT?!?!!?

2) it will be their time to ROFLOL when they will see my grades form these two years. From that, they surely won't understand and will deny me the right to study since i had maybe 8 (from 20 possible points) as a maximun. They will not get it that these two years are nothing for us, since we have like two months exam to succeed after that in order to get the right to put our feet in a school preparing for master degree.




This is really ironical. Someone with a little knowledge about the french system may laugh: to get a master degree with the way i did is one of the most difficult things to do for a student in France. We were like 5000 students competing this year in my category, i arrived like number 600 or something, got a school where only 150 students get in every year. I alsways was good at school (except in sport, i admit) and now, all this put me under the ground level. This is maybe because i never was discriminated before that i felt like that, but really, is this little internet lesson so important that i need to prostitute myself like that? I am really considering the fact to fight it a step further, to get someone to admit that it is totally ridiculous.


Right now, monday october the 22nd, 8.26, i am angry at the swedish registration system for university. Really angry.





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