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  •  no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes.
 For my old days :)
  • no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes. For my old days :)



19 août 2013 1 19 /08 /août /2013 18:53

hello again!

pfuii, three posts in three days, it's more than you expected, isn't it? I am about to tell you about The travel of the month: B E R L I N. we spent our last week of vacation there and honestly, i never get tired of this town. It was my fourth time there but the first for M, so we made the major attractions. I would like to say though that the city changed a lot since the last time i was there, and it was in winter 2010 if i remember well. 

So we took the plane veeeery early last sunday. Juge by yourself: we saw the sun go up while driving bus to the airport. Veeery early.



But very early plane means very early in Berlin and this was cool. We couldn't check in before 15.00 but we left our bags and took a long walk in the city, like 10 km or so and saw the main attraction, like the brandenburger Tor, Unten den Linden, Checkpoint Charlie, Postdamer plats, the memorial, the Reichstag and staid at some coffee for the last hour of waiting. We were really deadtired, so we just wanted to check in and sleep some hours.







The hotel http://www.luise-berlin.com/ was very central and pretty cheap for the good quality. The disadvantage of a central hotel is that you could hear the train pass by, but it was nothing that disturbed us, neither me or M. Our room was quite simple: very high roof, white walls, light grey carpet and a big painting on the wall, expressing the lights of the cars in the street at night, wrote the artist.

2013-08-18 - 34


The picture above is not very flattering but the room was cool. The bed was on a little stage, which made that you had your head at the same level as the window and could admire the street. Even if is was in the hotel was located in the centrum of Berlin, the activity of the street could look like that at its most active moment:



You get it: very quiet. And the view from the bed was like that:



Ok, so now you got it, you are for sure much calmer knowing how we were living. Good start for the rest of the story.

On sunday evening, after a nap, we went to a little restaurant that i knew from before, with a lots of german food and a very nice service. The sad thing is that this restaurant is so nice that it is in every guidebook about Berlin and it was no one talking german and eating there except the people working there. A bit boring if you ask me but the food, the price (cheap) and the atmosphere are worth it. Make a trip there if you are in Berlin. http://www.schwarzwaldstuben-berlin.com/

And i love the atmosphere in german bars. I could spend hours to observ the decoration:

2013-08-18 - 32


On monday, we made an attempt to the musikinstrumentmuseum but it was closed. yes, monday... So we went to the museum der Dinge  http://www.museumderdinge.de/ instead and had fun with the tastes from german administration.

Then, we ate in Kreuzberg, the place in and walked to east side gallery to watch the rests of the walls.



oh... sorry, but you will get some more tomorrow!

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