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  • Mjauuuu
  •  no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes.
 For my old days :)
  • no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes. For my old days :)



18 novembre 2012 7 18 /11 /novembre /2012 15:17

.. i could be a teeth poorer but it did not end like that, as i assumed in the former post. Actually, the dentist i saw this morning thought that one could have taken off the teeth friday instead, because now, this is much more worse. I got Penicillin to eat during one week. That plus the fact that i cannot open the mouth properly to eat, i will have model size next friday!


This dentist adventure together with the history with my registration to a course make me wonder a lot i have to admit. If i haven't had my lovely M and my job here, i would have gone back home, packed my things and "bye bye sweden, i am off to a country where people are seen as people". The biggest problem for me and my teeth this time was that i never was to the dentist in Linköping. I have been pretty serious in Eskilstuna but moved last year here and this is not the same county, so they don't know anything about you. I did not know that it was so hard to get an appointment first and then, that it was so hard to get a treatment. This morning, the poor dentist was running, also litterally running, between me and 2 broken computers in order to find all the things she needed. 


When i moved to Sweden, i had no idea that a bad health could be a way to discriminate people who are not from here. Actually, this is is, indirect, because nobody told me that the first thing i had to do when i moved was to book a normal dentist session, even if my tooth were ok. i should have, then, i would maybe have gotten rid of this teeth already. There are a lots of things that are not written anywhere and that you are supposed to know if you want to get help here. I think swedish lessons for foreigners should focus on these important things instead of teaching what to eat for midsummer or how to decorate your house for christmas. Or maybe i was having bad luck? i dunno, it happened too much this year that i have been missunderstanding how the system works and it made me both very sad and vey angry. Sad because i may not be the only one in this situation (foreigner) and angry because i cannot believe that a society which is not taking care of the weakest citizens can be seen as one of the best in the world. It's a litle bit like giving the nobel prize to Obama.


For now, i am eating my penicillin menu and dreaming of another wish, more private this time, that maybe will come true soon, just need some big boss aproval. 


A propos private things, we were yesterday evening to a party in Stockholm. The first of my friends turning 40 party. Kind of strange to think of it but then, when we were making stupid games, it was like everyone was 20, so 40 is just a number i guess. Lukcy me with a hurting teeth, we drove back home during the night and i only had water during the whole evening. As i said, model size at the end of the week! November is shining as it should, read: all shades of grey and for me, sunday is soon at its end. My bed is already waiting!

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