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  • Mjauuuu
  •  no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes.
 For my old days :)
  • no pretention, just a try to write down what is happening around me, in my head, my hears and eyes. For my old days :)



17 octobre 2012 3 17 /10 /octobre /2012 22:14
I have been efficient today. At work at 7, I began with a long and useful phone call. Then, I worked like a beast and laughed at the coffee break too. Somehow it was a cosy mood at work and I enjoid the company of my coworkers. I also got a SMS that the daughter of friends of my parents, that is one year older than me got a baby today. Very happy for them, happy too that everything went well. I never was a big big fan of babies when I was younger but I can feel now that it would be great to have some descendant. I am still undecided about what for people want babies but somehow, it would be great to feel a life growing inside of me. Thinking of the geographical situation between M and me, this is not on the agenda. No idea to make a baby alone, at least during the weeks. So even if the SMS this morning was to tell something happy, it put me in a mini depression because my turn is not about to come as it seems. And I am not getting younger so the more we wait, the less it may be and the more I will have to live with others disappointments. I exactly know what I feel for M and he is a perfect daddy material to me but it is more important to me to have a goo relationship with him than getting pregnant now. This will go, I fear it, through years of week ends commuting and maybe at the end, a move together. This is actually very personal and I would better talk to him but don't worry, it has been the subject of a big numbers of discussions between us. We are different in acting and reacting and my love for him has to go hand in had with a respect for his reflexion times. And it's all about trusting him. An easy loop may be: oh, but he doesn't love me as much as i do, because he doesn't want to move close to me. Yeah, it is an easy mental loop. But so far, I try not to fall into it. Oh this seems like a confession, actually more like a complaining of not wanting to live up to others expectations. If only I knew myself... But welcome to this unfair world little girl and congrats to C and her man!

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